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“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett

This quote by Warren Buffett is a powerful reminder of our great ancestors sowing the divine seeds of Wisdom, Intellect and Integrity within for we Saraswat Brahmins to bask in the glory and respect showered upon us all across the globe today.

We are seekers of knowledge and have made significant contribution in education, trade and commerce and service sector. We are always conscious of respect and honour and are remembered for our intelligence, steadfast ideals, undying faith, clear vision, relentless optimism, and an exemplary entrepreneurial spirit fine-balancing Wisdom and Wealth with grace and élan.

We are an Ethical and Philanthropic community, channelling and harnessing our energies for the collective excellence of society. In business and commerce field we are frontrunners in Banking and cooperatives sector. As an ethnic group we have lot of cultural and support organisations effectively running for over a century.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” ― Peter Drucker

Need for Chamber

This noble idea of having a complete ecosystem of Saraswat Business Community originally thought of by few eminent Saraswats way back in 1991 finally germinated and gathered momentum again in January 2019 when few Saraswat Professionals and Businesspersons came together to take this process to different level and started discussions and meetings with Saraswat Business Community.

In todays’ fast moving and ever-changing global business world many of our Saraswat brethren in business or wishing to enter into it are forced to trade on slippery grounds for lack of effective community support system and it is our onerous duty to help them build their muscles and be a catalyst in their path of progress.

A WhatsApp group was formed which in no time packed to its fullest capacity of 256 members thereby forcing the administrators to start another group. Various lecture meetings on interesting topics held in Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur yielded overwhelming response from various strata of our business community. We are very sure that this movement in little time will spread wide across pan India and all over the Globe.

Come September : And finally our very own Chamber of Commerce
“Global Chamber of Saraswat Entrepreneurs (GCSE)” a Section 8 (Not for Profit) company under Companies Act 2013 was born on September 12 2019 with promise and hope of spring and happiness!


Building a wise, vibrant and prosperous community ecosystem for Saraswats in Business or Profession providing maximum opportunity and value.


The Saraswat Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization dedicated to serving Saraswat business community growth and prosperity through advocacy, enabling effective access to opportunities and resources, capacity building, economic development, connectivity and business education.


The main objectives of the Chamber are :

  • To improve networking among Saraswat Businessmen globally.
  • To help in capacity building & entrepreneurship development.
  • To help by offering Advisory services through advisory committee.
  • To help build a Community Support System to support business.
  • To arrange various workshops, educational programs in areas of importance for business.
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